Thursday, May 05, 2011

Herman Cain for President

I along with almost two other people, just watched the Republican debate, and in the words of VodkaPundit, I have a heterorsexual mancrush on Herman Cain. He may not be the smoothest, but he sure as hell strikes me as the best candidate for the country.

Check him out.


MikeH said...

When he spoke in Iowa recently, it was pointed out that he had no political experience so why did he think he could do the job. He responded by saying look at all the political experience in D.C., how's that working out for you? Great response. And he was on the radio last night with Red State's Erick Erickson. Again, impressive. He knows how to call "a spade a spade!" Right now, and it's early in the Presidential race, he's my choice.

Steve said...

I agree Mike. The minimum standards are over 35 and a natural born citizen. He is more than qualified.
The problem with electing politicians, is that they think that they are the most important part of the process. No, it's the voters who are looking for someone to represent them. We need real people, not politicians.

Which brings to mind a rather lame joke about politicians and lawyers. A bullet to the head is survivable because it's a non-vital organ.

David Crisp said...

Name another job in the world where inexperience is considered a qualification.

Steve said...

The experienced people we have elected sure haven't demonstrated any particular competence. Being an involved citizen who is competent at solving problems would go a long way further than simply taking bribes (campaign donations) to maintain the incumbent's status quo.
Besides, we already have a skilled politician who has accomplished nothing outside of politics, and look where we are. I am willing to take on a skilled businessman who has accomplished nothing in politics.

Trap Daddy said...

Mr. Crisp:

The president of the USA is the Chief Executive Officer. Unlike the current CEO of the USA, Mr. Cain has PLENTY of experience.

Just because a person never held an elected office before does not make him/her "inexperienced."

David Crisp said...

As many business people have learned to their consternation, politics ain't business.

All things considered, the United States has one of the most competently run governments in the world. I would be interested in seeing your list of better governments.

Steve said...

Here is a good start:

USA ranks only number 9.

And just as an aside David, and I don't mean this as a snub, but it is my observation that Democrats in general, and liberals in particular have more faith in the efficacy of government than I do. Of course my experience is just spent in working for the government.

David Crisp said...

My experience with government comes from working in it and from covering it for many years. While I have no illusions about its efficiency, the fact remains that over the long history of humanity, you will find very few, if any, governments that do the job better than ours does. And government has gotten substantially better, in measurable ways, than it used to be.

I'm suggesting the possibility that may be because good government is hard, not because we just happen to keep electing the wrong people.

And I will be truly amazed if it turns out the answer to our problems is to elect inexperienced people.