Monday, May 16, 2011

Raising (Herman) Cain

Great piece by Byron York in the Washington Examiner about Herman Cain. While watching the news shows over the weekend, I noticed that none of them mentioned Herman Cain, and I think that is just another example of the myopia of the media. Herman Cain is the real deal, a non-politician who has actually solved problems. More than political experience, what we need right now is problem solving capability. The present occupier of the White House is outstanding when it comes to politics, but is absolutely ineffectual in solving problems. It would be a stark contrast to pit the two of them together.
Some of the solutions he has proposed from the article:
Lower corporate tax rates, lower personal income tax rates -- they work. Take the capital gains tax rate to zero. Suspend taxes on foreign repatriated profits. Provide a real payroll tax holiday -- 6.2 percent for the employee, 6.2 percent for the employer. That's the Social Security piece. Do it for a year. Then put a bow around it and make those rates permanent. You do that and you remove the veil of uncertainty -- businessmen will go crazy. They will start investing again.
I would add to that, that he would also have to have a moratorium on discretionary spending to the maximum extent possible. But that is how you prime a pump for getting the economy started again. Not throwing almost a Trillion dollars at "shovel ready jobs" that are mere political hackery disguised as job creation.
Herman is set to announce on the 21st of May in Atlanta. While I would love to be there, instead, I am going to break one of my personal rules and contribute to his campaign. While giving money to a candidate only seems to encourage them, I think this is the guy to encourage.

UPDATE: C. Edmund Wright at the American Thinker has a top ten list of why Cain should be President. Check it out.

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