Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Fine Example

Apropos my earlier posting about the Left not being morally consistent, we have Pogie of Intelligent Discontent who is following up on the meme of the "Republican War on Women" with his latest posting.  It seems that Pogie is outraged that the Republican gubernatorial candidates want to eliminate gender discrimination in insurance, especially health insurance.  In Pogie's mind, the Eeevill insurance companies want to base the rates on actual use instead of treating each of us just exactly the same, and he is upset that anyone would actually consider such a thing.
Of course without looking, I could just about guarantee that Pogie has complained about the costs of health insurance, so his complaint just further verifies my posting about the immoral reasoning that is used by the Left.  How about instead of this being a war on women, we recognize if for what it really is:  Using men to subsidize women's health insurance.  Women as a population, tend to use health care more than men, ergo greater costs are incurred for the benefit of the fairer sex.  Rather than have them pay their share, we have made discrimination based on reality illegal.  Now, one of the problems is that because of the higher health care costs, men can and do make a rational assessment and decide that it is not in their financial interests to buy insurance, thereby removing their support.  This results in higher insurance coverages to pay for the population using the service, which then incurs more men to decide not to participate, repeating the cycle.
If the costs were based on actuarial data, we would charge each according to their risk so that healthy lifestyles are rewarded and risky behavior is required to subsidize the risk to the less healthy.  This could mean that women's insurance premiums would go up, but there would now be a larger pool of men who demand less services that could more equitably spread the risk to all.  Of course, Pogie also forgets that the problem with gender neutrality is that women subsidize men when it comes to drivers insurance.  
So, the question presented has to be - is Pogie just another puppet of the Democrat-media conglomeration ruthlessly seeking power, or is he just dumb?


Auntie Lib said...

I vote "dumb"

Pogie said...

I can't tell you what an honor it is to be called "dumb" by the likes of people with this kind of intellectual firepower.

Steve said...

Oooh, great comeback. You effectively destroyed the substance of the argument with an erudite and succinct explanation.

Well done Sir!