Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Presidential Predictions

According to my wife (the Good Democrat) and others of her ilk, Obama is going to take his re-election in a walk. They base this primarily on how poorly "Malleable Mitt" has been doing in head to head match ups in the polls. But in the spirit of not counting chickens too early, I think that Obama doesn't stand a chance at being continued in office.
Sure, it is counterfactual to all of the current conventional wisdom, but here is why I think Obama is in trouble. First - All of the press so far this season has been on the food fight among the Republican nominees. Assuming that the MSM is relishing this low level WWE contest and reporting on every false step, accusation or other peccadillo, they have managed to drive down Romney's favorables to more than half. But what happens when Romney secures the nomination?
At that time there will be the inevitable one on one that campaigns are meant to be about. And Obama cannot run on his record. Yes, yes, I know that the Democrats are still going to be using the mantra "It's Bush's fault" but that is tiresome to those not drinking the Kool-Aid. And the Kool-Aid drinkers are already firmly in Obama's column.
The economy was worse than they thought? Well then why in the heck were they messing with it if they didn't understand the severity of the problem? Do we want to return to the failed policies of the Bush Administration? Let's see, 4% unemployment, lower SSI and SSDI claims because even the disabled could find a job. Deficits? Sure Bush spent a Trillion dollars on the wars, but that is small change compared to what Obama has done every year. Wealth being accumulated by the 1% at the expense of the 99? So yesterday, and the Occupy Movement is but a parody of the Tea Party in spite of their best efforts by the MSM. Improved comity and race relations? Our post racial President lives and dies by white guilt and the need to energize his base. War on Women? That has been underway since Obama managed to destroy the economy with his failed Keynesian policies. In every aspect of his 2008 campaign, Obama lied to us. Closing Gitmo, doing away with military tribunals, stopping drone warfare, all of which were Bush policies carried out even further by the man who promised to end them all.
How about the future? Unfortunately, Chairman Putin pf Russia and the Premier of China have a better idea of what Obama's future policies are than the American people do. More of the same, or make it even worse than now is the question the rest of we Americans are facing.
Just as Obama won as much by not being Bush, Romney is going to win by not being Obama.


DeConstructor said...

Romney may not even be in the race on election day. The LDS church is going to be under scrutiny that they never have experienced in the past. Their real history which has been sanitized will come out, and the American people will learn that LDS Inc is more racist than the KKK.

LDS Inc may pull Romney from the race. We will never know if this is the case, as it will be some BS excuse like the last time Ross Perot quit.

If Romney does continue in the race, he will be defeated so badly that he may take quite a few house and senate republicans with him.

I am amazed that the entire republican party could not get better candidates for president than the clown car full of people with a lot of baggage that has happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of people painting Obama as a Kenyan with Kenyan policys. He is as American as you or I.Your characterizations lead to fear, birthers and mean spirited political discourse. I guess that is what you are trying to do. No matter what Obama does he was knocked down with prejedice and dis respect from the start. No wonder we are so divided.

Steve said...

Dear Anonymous - You have fallen into your own self made trap. Do a quick search on the post and you will find nowhere a mention of Kenyan. Your need to bring up racism as a defense of his policies shows that his policies are just as indefensible as your false accusations.

Shawn said...

Anonymous is just illeterate they were looking at where he metion keynsian. LOL
Overall not a bad article and many of the point have merit but I feel Obamas election machine is prepared to avoid his actual record. Remember they won him a primary and an election having no record and a slew of baggage that they effectively were able to turn into non issues. This team is very good even if their policy approach isnt.