Friday, November 09, 2012

A Proposal for President Obama

The hardest thing about being conservative is dealing with the fantasies of the Left.  Keynesianism should be buried with a stake through its heart.  $850 Billion in direct spending coupled with a Trillion dollars in debt every year for the last four years should show that government spending does not increase the economy.

Since Obama has been reelected, attention is now being turned to the fiscal cliff.  Harry Reid wants higher tax rates on everyone making over $250k, Chuck Schumer doesn't want to fix the tax code, (so that he can still give his friends the perks they paid him for) and Speaker Boehner says that he doesn't want higher tax rates.  Seems like a recipe for stalemate.  But in addition to the tax increases that are coming, we also have the results of Obamacare being implemented.   The number of companies that are going to be forced to lay off workers is only going to be matched by the rise in prices that those companies that don't lay off workers are going to have to impose.  It's entirely possible that you will see your hours cut to 28 a week and an increase in prices all at the same time.

So how about this - Let Boehner go along with the tax increase on the wealthy, but with a caveat:  If the unemployment rate goes about 8.2%, the Bush tax cuts are fully reinstated and made permanent.  Obama has been touting his "Summer of recovery" for the last three years, and unemployment has finally fallen below 8%.  If his economic model is so wonderful, by historic standards we should be really rocketing up in GDP by now (bad base line is an easy way to show rapid growth).

Would have the advantage of saying to Obama, have it your way, which would remove the cudgel of class warfare, while at the same time making a bet that his economics don't work.


MikeH said...

And, as usual, elections have consequences. And the consequences of the 2012 election will be monumental. I'm glad I'm enjoying my "golden" years, and pity those 40 and younger who will suffer the consequences of an ill-informed electorate and what they've done to the country. Ok, done venting.

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In my opinion, Obama isn't doing great during this term. Look at the NSA scandal. It is my own opinion though and I could be very wrong. I just hope that it gets better from here onwards.

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