Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Did Kerry finally sign the Form 180?

As you will no doubt notice, on the right is a clock showing the number of days that Senator Kerry has not fulfilled his pledge to release all of his records. Acoording to the above link, Kerry is now saying that he signed the form last Friday.
Do I believe him? Not really, I have always felt that Kerry was willing to say anything, but unwilling to do anything to get the job done.
Why the reticence in releasing his records? Some say that it will prove that the Swift Boat Vets were right. I think that a more prosaic answer is more likely: Kerry received treatment for VD. It was common practice in Viet Nam to show up Monday morning for the "short arm inspection" and get your shots. As an officer, he should not have been engaged in such behavior, but it was not unusual for everyone to have had at least one viral encounter.
So, will the Form 180 prove the Swift Boat Vets right, or will Kerry simply be embarassed? We all wait with eager anticipation. How sad is that? But since he rose to the challenge, I don't think that Kerry can escape it now. But then again, he has drug it out for this long.


granny said...

I don't get it, what are you guys hoping to get from this? What are you hoping to prove?

Steve said...

Granny- I guess that I am interested in the truth about the accusations made by both sides. Either teh Swift Boat vets are lying or Kerry is. The reason I posted this is that suppose Kerry is the correct one, but has embarassing information in his file. Seems to me that I would not want to have my personal information put out for all of the world to see. Unfortunately for Sen. Kerry, he has placed himself into a loe-lose situation. But, yes, I am curious to know who is telling the truth in all of these charges and countercharges.