Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Don't drink and blog

To those specific list of instructions that every adult should know, here are a few more:
1. Don't drink and drive, it will result in the loss of your rights under the Constitution, and cost you a lot of money.
2. Don't drink and dial. No matter how you feel, dialing an ex lover is not a good idea when you have been drinking, especially if they are not drinking.
3. Don't drink and blog, your spelling is atrocious.


Monkey said...

Don't drink and blog, your spelling is atrocious.

NOW ya tell me!!!! :-)

Hey welcome to the wacky world of blogging, from one Montana blogger to another!

Dave Budge said...

Steve, I'm thinking that drinking should be a prerequisite to blogging. I can't spell anyway.

Welcome to the club of Montana bloggers. I'm giving you a link over at davebudge.com

david said...

Glad to have you on board!