Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Iraqi WMDs?

Okay, we all know that Bush lied about WMDs, or that he didn't lie, he was just misled by the Neocons, or if not that, that Saddam had peacefully closed his WMD programs years before, and just wanted everyone to think that he had them. At least that would be the conventional wisdom.
But what if, as the article posits, Saddam recognized that after 9-11, Bush was a crazy man who would invade even though he had bought off the French and Russians on the Security Council? The Germans were a freebie, since Schroeder was toast without an outside boogeyman.
Now, a paranoid would say that Bush is getting ready to release all of this information to slap down his critics who said that he lied. After all, what would they say if there is proof that the weapons were there, but removed? The trouble with being called a liar (unless you are a Republican, in which case it is automatically assumed) is that your credibility on everything becomes suspect.
Curious turn of events if it pans out.

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