Monday, February 06, 2006

Racism and Cartoons

So, the Boston Globe weighs in saying that the publication of cartoons that the Muslims find offensive should never have occured because we need to show respect for other people's religion. Hmm, what about "Piss Christ" or the Madonna in Elephant Dung?
Well, that's okay, because they are offending Christians, and what the Globe really meant was that we didn't want to offend those nut jobs that burn down the Danish embassy while holding signs (in English mind you) that those who offend Islam need to be beheaded.
Too many on the Left seem to be more offended by Christian fundamentalists than Muslim fudnamentalists. If you looked at the body count, the Muslims present a greater threat. The reason I don't think the Left is as worried about Muslim fanaticism are their own blinders. "We can't criticize them because they are a different color than we are, and we don't understand their culture." I'm sorry, but if sommeone is running around wanting to behead me and my family, I tend to want to take them seriously as a threat, even here in Montana, which most Americans couldn't find on a map, much less Islamic terrorists. The risk of someone beheading me, versus having my grandchildren taught that there was a master plan to evoulution are not co-equal in my mind. But hey, I may just be backwards in all of that.
I am finding it harder and harder to take seriously, those who seem to have an inability to be serious, no matter how pompous they act (the Globe and Julian Bond for example). But still, there they are.
What a country!


Anonymous said...

people like you are the sole ones responsible for the disturbances in today's world. I wouldn't mind seeing you beheaded.

Steve said...

Well, if you want to watch, you will have to come to Montana. Bwhahahaha, and I'll bet you can't find it.

The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

This whole flap gives a new definition to the phrase "cartoon violence."