Sunday, January 21, 2007

John McCain for Pres.?

I don't usually care for John McCain because of his campaign finance reform which is an abridgment of the 1st Amendment, but as I am watching his performance on Meet the Press, I may have to consider him nonetheless. Some of his hits on opponents of the troop surge were quite impressive. One was that the idea of the Senate voting a resolution against the surge is essentially a slap in the face of the troops. Basically "We sent you there to do a job, but you are'nt doing it right, but we support the troops." He also slapped at Harry Ried who had said that he is only a senator, and therefore has no responsibility for proposing a different plan except retreat. How wonderfully droll.
Politicians talking about war reminded me that our own golden child politician, Gov. Schweitzer delivered the rebuttal to the President's address yesterday. Although rebuttal is ridiculous because his comments had nothing to do with what Bush was talking about. But Brian was saying that we need a political solution not a military solution. Well hello? War is politics by other means. Yes we need a political solution, but it goes hand in glove with the military solution. They don't exist in a vacuum.
It amazes me how stupid politicians must think we are. They keep saying that we don't have a strategy in Iraq. Well here is one: Train the military and the police to standards that are similar to our own; defense of the country, not a party; and help to establish a free and democratically elected government that is able to sustain itself and protect itself. Oh wait, that is what Bush wants. Hmmm, makes me wonder why they are complaining.
I'm still not sure that I could ever vote for McCain, but he sure does have the ability to put stupidity in its place.
This could be interesting.

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