Monday, January 29, 2007

Matt: Where are you?

Last November, voters ousted the corrupt Republicans like Conrad Burns because he had received campaign contributions from Abramof in a purported quid pro quo. Now we learn that Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried got a personal increase in his personal wealth for an obvious quid pro quo.
Make me wonder if Matt at Left in the West would be condemning this obvious corruption. I haven't heard from Matt on this issue, but I am sure that he is working on it behind the scenes.
Go Matt, don't let partisanship excuse corruption.


Unknown said...

Just a quick question: how many votes have you, I or Matt cast for Harry Ried? I kinda wonder.

And another; if you expect ideological purity from others, shouldn't you expect it from yourself?

No, I didn't think so.

Steve said...

Wulfgar- You are right that I have no chance to vote for or against ried. Now that begs the question: Why should any of us in Montana care what Tom DeLay did? No sense commenting on him, he's from Texas.
As to ideological purity, my original post noted the link to LITW where Matt courageously said that he was concerned about Democratic corruption, not just republican (as you seem to be), and wich I gave him kudos for maintaining his standards.
The purpose of this post was to point out that Republicans are not the sole source of corruption. And if anything, Ried's activities were worse than Delay's because of the personal versus the campaign enrichment.
I do however, maintain my ideological purity in believing that 99% of all politicians are crooks. So i am being consistent.