Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wulfgar Reads Me!!!

Wulfgar has included me in his rant abour how we have already lost the war. Darn, you work hard and you miss all of the news. I really didn't know that we had already lost. Nobody tells me anything anymore.
But he expresses an interesting view. One that is shared by my wife (the good Democrat) that we have lost the war for the Middle East, so let's just get out now.
I still don't see how we have lost yet. I can agree that we have not won, but not winning is not necessarily the same as losing. Think of it this way, suppose two heavy hitters are slugging it out, with one absorbing untold punishment, and the other growing weary from inflicting blows. Which one should quit first?
As Black5 notes maybe we are winning, and we just don't know it. This kind of reminds me of the call for sacrifice that has been bantered about for so long. Maybe we should have scrap metal drives, and collect old tires and ration gasoline, just so we can all feel a part of the war effort. On the other hand, Sally Fields is on the TV telling me of the plight of her good friend who has to remember to set aside time each week to take her calcium pill instead of once a month like Sally does. I think that we have hit the limit of how much sacrifice most Americans are willing to make.
Hmm, makes you think that we are such a powerful country, that only we can defeat ourselves.

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