Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great Job Carol!

Carol at Missoulaopolis has a great piece about the funding of Progressive States Network and Forward Montana. Mike adds to it at The Last Best Place as well.
Now, as a general rule, I am not that big on conspiracy theories, but where there is enough smoke, you start checking to see if the room is getting warmer. George Soros' influence on politics of the Left is starting to raise some concerns for me.
Remember Soros? He was the guy who broke the Bank of England, and absolutely destroyed the Indonesian currency, thereby resulting in widespread starvation in that country.
It may be that Soros is entirely altruistic, and has adopted much of the lines of thought of the Left. But one should also ask the question what else could it be? Is it possible that Soros has a financial stake in destroying the American economy?
I wondered about that back in 2006 when oil prices for no known reason started shooting through the roof. That was part of the Democratic platform to reduce the price of oil (and they have done such a great job) but they were going to go after the greedy oil companies. What if someone was purposely buying up oil contracts and sitting on them to artificially stimulate the price of oil? I know that it must be possible to track sales of contracts back in 2006, and I would be curious to learn if Soros had some sort of a hand in it, especially given his antipathy towards Bush, et. al.
Not that I am saying that it's true, but when you combine Soros' history with the amount of money he has thrown at his "foundations," well, you just gotta wonder.

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