Wednesday, January 07, 2009

End of an Era

I have been reassigned to the Polson office of the Office of Public Defender but I still keep touch with friends in Hamilton where I used to work. It appears that the restaurant bakery, "A Place to Ponder" has closed, a victim of the recession. I will miss that place.
When I first started my practice, I had a small space on the second floor overlooking Main Street, and Place to Ponder was on the way to the courthouse. I would stop in for coffee to go and either one of their famous lemon bars or a brownie. The food was always terrific, and their Tuesday tomato soup was always a treat.
Kory and Vicki poured their lives into the place and it worked well for them. So much so, that they expanded into a newly created building. Unfortunately, their new locations was not as convenient for walking customers, and I think that may have had some effect.
Kory and Vicki were and are still, the kind of people who will continue to make this country great. Risking it all, investing their money, time and lives, they tried to make a go of the American Dream.
Knowing both of them, I am sure that this is just a setback, not the end of the story.

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Kit said...

I was very sad to read this news. A A Place to Ponder made my wedding cake this past summer and guests are STILL talking about how great it was. I was very much looking forward to going there on my anniversary for a slice. They were great folks to work with and I only hope they can resurrect their business at some point in the future.