Thursday, January 08, 2009

More on the Falsely Named Free Choice Act

Craig at mtpolitics is talking about the abomination that is called The Employee Free Choice Act. The choice for employees already exists, in that if enough of them want it, there will be an election called to determine if a true majority of the workers want to be represented by a union. This vote presently, is done in secret, so that neither management nor the union could influence the worker's choice on whether to unionize or not. The result has been a continuing drop in union membership.
Recognizing that unions are losing members, and along with it, their ability to extort a portion of their wages, unions are now going to Congress to get them to pass the EFCA in order to reverse the decline in membership and dues. The premise is that the union organizers will be standing just outside of the business, and will harass, annoy, delay and confuse workers until they sign the card. Once the card is signed, the worker will be left in peace until half of the employees are signed up, and they suddenly find out that they are required to pay dues, and have to answer to someone not their boss in order to do their job.
I only belonged to one union in my lifetime, and that was when I worked at Safeway as a bagger during my High School years. I didn't care for them, and later when I was older and learned that many of the things that I was doing violated labor laws, I realized that the only thing that mattered to the union was paying my dues. When I joined up with the Office of Public Defenders, I found out that the defenders who were already unionized got to vote on having a union before anyone was hired. I refused to join, and took steps to decertify the union, which I put on hold to wait and see how they did in protecting the members of the union. What I learned was that the union did absolutely nothing.
They promised to increase our wages, which they didn't do. Sure, that is a problem that the Legislature is the only source of funding, but why promise what you can't deliver? Then the union expanded from the attorneys, the newest who are making about $46k per year, and roped in the support staff who average around $25k per year. The funny thing is, that everyone pays the same union dues. Cost effectively, the lawyers have the best deal, paying a smaller percentage of their salary than the support staff for absolutely nothing.
Amusingly, the unions continue to ignore unlawful and illegal management practices, even in the OPD. If I ever get fired, my retirement plan is going to be a civil suit against the State and the union for their acts.
Oh heck, why wait? Maybe I should start a suit against the union now for fraud, misrepresentation and malpractice. Maybe all forced unionized workers should do that.

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