Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Speed Up the Spending

The Obama administration is promising to spend 75% of the upcoming over 800 Billion dollar stimulus bill within 18 months. Even for our esteemed idiots in Washington, this is a daunting challenge. As the Atlantic notes, the CBO has estimated that even at full throttle with no supervision, the best that they can do is spend 64% of the money, and most of it will have no effect this fiscal year.
What with the grab bag of stupid ideas that are proposed as stimulus, such as contraception planning and over $6 Billion for the arts (yeah, that will really stoke the economy as we buy birth control pills and some really bad art), there has to be a more efficient way to get the money that we are borrowing into the hands of those that will be paying for it. And I have a plan.
First, recall all of the C-17s, C-141s, KC-35s that exist in the inventory. Load them up with $100 bills and fly over every population center of 3,000 people or more and drop the bills allowing them to float unfettered onto the folks below. At 8 billion individual bills to be airdropped, it would still take a lot of flights, but would give the recently unemployed something to do (chasing the money). Sure, there will be the disadvantaged, the blind, the bed ridden, those too old to fight off others, but this is an emergency that we are in people, we can't quibble about these things.
Sure the arts and Planned Parenthood will not be able to get as much money as they will through the patronage system that currently exists. But we are talking about real money here, not just payback for election support.


Anonymous said...

All you have to do is halt tax collections for a few months. You do not need airplanes to drop money on people, and you certainly do not need the US Congress to misallocate the money. All you have to do is leave the money with the people who earned it. Everything else will take care of itself quicker than a blink.

But what happens to our beloved Big Government if it has no tax receipts for months? Ah, that is the good part. The government has two choices: 1) Keep wasting money the way it always has, in which case the debt would continue rising to cover the missing tax revenues; or 2) cut back the size of government to make up for the missing tax revenues.

Obviously, we can fix both the economy and the government rather quickly if we do the right thing.

Steve said...

It was kind of tongue in cheek, but it was also to show the absurdity of the way that they are throwing away borrowed future wealth with no compunction at all.
I agree that your points are spot on. Too bad that the Congress has no intention of considering them.