Thursday, March 05, 2009

Budge Nails It

Not that he needs the extra attention, but this about Obama had me rolling on the floor, laughing my a** off:
Personally I blame Obama. That should be no surprise though. I learned long ago never to underestimate the distruction a politician can cause. And so far Obama is nothing more than two-faced, double-speaking politician.

I don’t have to hope he fails. At this rate he’s doing fine all by himself.


Anonymous said...

That's funny? Seriously?

Steve said...

Mark - You haven't had a sense of humor since 1974. You are not one to judge.

Anonymous said...

1974 ... thinking ... thinking.

No - I'm pretty sure that even if I don't have a sense of humor, that's still not funny. It merely struck you that way because it was something you wish you had said. Which leaves me wondering - it's not even clever. How un-clever do you have to be to laugh and snark at something so unfunny and un-clever?

This is very revealing. Please, do go on.