Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Time for a Montana Tea Party?

The Montana Misanthrope points out the hypocrisy of Tester specifically and Baucus in general. Before we raise taxes on anyone, let's only spend our money on what he have to have. For instance, and just a beginning:
Included in Prime Cuts 2009 is the elimination of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program (MAP). The program aims to help agricultural producers promote U.S. products overseas; however, MAP funnels millions of dollars to large corporations. If eliminated, it would save taxpayers $231 million over five years.

Also recommended for elimination is the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC). Created in 1992, the NDIC is Rep. John Murtha’s (D-Pa.) expensive pet project. The NDIC is an ineffective and wasteful program that costs millions each year. Taxpayers would save $115 million over five years if the NDIC was eliminated.

One of the more expensive projects on this year’s list of recommendations for elimination is the New Moon/Mars initiative. The initiative is a Bush Administration plan to continue NASA’s exploration of Mars and to return to the Moon by 2020. In just one year the elimination of the New Moon/Mars initiative would save taxpayers $1.5 billion, and $11.5 billion over five years.
Thanks to Citizens Against Government Waste. And that is just the beginning.
Until you can tell me that the above listed items are more important than health care for the masses, I am never going to support raising taxes. You can't seriously say that the government needs more money when it is spending it on junk.
Well Jon? Where do you stand on these items for the moment?


Anonymous said...

I'm always good to go for a Tea Party. Unfortunately, the delineation between want and need hasn't existed for quite a while now. Throwing wants over the rail, though, costs votes; the enemy is us.

Steve said...

I agree, everyone's silly a**ed problem has suddenly become a federal issue. But when everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.

Anonymous said...

1) You're opposed to health care for the masses, and
2)You're against any tax increase on anyone anyway.

So what's your point?

Steve said...

Amazing! Your consistency is one of the Wonders of the World. You would think that eventually you would get something right, but no, it never happens.
1. I am not against health care for the masses. I am against the government doing it, because they will screw up a wet dream.
2. Yes, I am against raising taxes, and if you would have read the post that you commented on, you would have a clue as to why.

You presume to know my thinking, but it's obvious that you don't read what I write. Your awareness of me is limited to your fervid imagination, devoid of any facts.
But rational thought is too much to expect of you.

Anonymous said...

"I am not against health care for the masses. I am against the government doing it, because they will screw up a wet dream."

Ah, but you only repeat what I said. Look around, and see how the private sector has screwed it up.

You're against raising taxes. All right wingers are against raising taxes. There's no reasoning behind it. Never was. That's why you all sign those "No tax increase" pledges. You don't even have to think about it.

I don't presume to know your thinking. I only search for it.

Steve said...

You seem to be better at rhetoric than logic. If I am against government run health care, that is not the same as being against health care. You are the one that conflates them. If health care could be delivered effectively to all, how could I be against that.
The difference between you and me is that you still have that fairytale belief that the government works.
I know better.
And would you please go back and read the post. No matter how many time I implore you to read what you are commenting on, it seems to go right over your head. And yes, I am willing to concede that you are doing it deliberately.

Your Liberties said...

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