Monday, March 30, 2009

Where Conrad Burns Went Wrong

He didn't brag about corruption like this guy. What's that eerie silence that I hear?
Oh yeah, that's the outrage that was directed against Burns, but has no problem with Murtha.
Next time, don't give them more credibility than they deserve. Which by the way, is exactly zero.


Pogie said...

So your ignorance becomes silence? How many damn stories about Murtha and allegations of corruption have appeared in the media and blogs before you stumbled on one?

Hundreds? Thousands?

Learn how to do a search.

Unknown said...

Google hits for "Jack Murtha Corrupt":


Google hits for "Conrad Burns corrupt":



Steve said...

Sorry guys, I was just waiting for a responsible adult to come along and express the same outrage as they did about Burns. Yes, I know about the stories and articles. And, if you could just point to one or more of your comments about Murtha I would feel better.
Otherwise, you kids can just move along.

Steve T. said...


You're an expert on fake outrage over the sin of omission. Learn to posit a real argument sometime. It might do you some good.

The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

Murtha's a turd.