Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And People Wonder Why I Don't Think the Government Has Our Best Interests

According to this article Billings is rushing to pass red-light cameras before the Legislature outlaws them. What is really interesting is the notion proposed by the Chief of Police to reduce the amount of time that the light stays yellow. From the article:
"Changes in the yellow times after red light camera systems are in place and operational will affect the number of photographed violations, increasing the number of violations...," said St. John in a recent memo. While cutting one second from the yellow light may boost ticket income by 110 percent (according to a 2004 Texas Transportation Institute study), it may also increase crashes by up to 225 percent, according to the same study.

Let's cut down on those people running red lights by having more accidents!


Rusty Shackleford said...

The conference committee killed the "grandfather clause".

Both the House and the Senate passed the ban on 3rd reading earlier today.

Alex said...

Maybe those Freeman and Constitutionalists have the right idea by making their own paper license plates. I’m thinking it might be cheaper getting a ticket for an unregistered vehicle.

Steve said...

Don't do this at home kids, but where there are traffic robots like this, find the car of your least liked person, then photograph their license plate. Run it through a color copier and then tape it in place on a car similar in color and model and blast through a few red lights.

Oh what fun!