Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hiding the Truth

Remember when John Ashcroft had the statue of Lady Justice draped with a cloth because it showed her bare (stone) breast? The hue and cry from across the land was addressed to the fanatical Christianists who had taken over the administration. Personally, I thought it was a dumb thing for Ashcroft to get involved in, but he did. The resultant media maelstorm helped to reduce his credibility even more.
Now, we have an amazingly similar circumstance but because it was done at the request of "The One" I doubt that it will get the wide play like the Ashcroft kerfluffle.
Not that this sort of double standard makes me angry anymore. Nope, the Left has sold their soul, and have no credibility at all. As a result, they just provide many hours of comedic entertainment.
Even if they don't mean to.


aaron goldberg said...

I think Mr. Mojo was afraid of the competition.

Steve said...

Good One!