Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Get Beck!

Kieth Olbermann has had enough of Glenn Beck and his insane pointing out of Van Jones' own words, and has decided to unleash the Leftosphere in finding out any dirt on Beck, his producer and Roger Ailes who heads up Fox News. Now, aside from the fact that Van Jones was a public official in the employ of the federal government, and aside from the fact that he declaims all of the lies and smears that were actually his own words, Olby has decided that it is wrong for a private citizen to question a government official.
Except Bush. Oh, and Cheney. Oh, and on and on and on.
So Olby is going to set up a special web site address where all of the Moonbats can report on the misdoings of Beck et al. My thinking is, "Let's help!"
Flood his site with entirely bogus allegations, but make sure you put in there that "I don't know if this is true, but . . ." Sure you can do the usual, Beck is secretly a Republican, but I am thinking of totally outlandish things, such as "Glenn Beck was abducted by aliens who have implanted a transmitter into his mind, in order to control the world."
The more outlandish the better, because you know the Moonbats will believe it unquestioningly. We can make it into a game: Who can make the most outrageous statements that Olby will investigate?

UPDATE: Apparently, Olby has changed his mind, and is calling off the dogs. Maybe we should continue the game with Sirota as the pinata instead.

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