Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Proposed Joe Wilson Concession Speech

I am not authorized, but if I could, I would write the following for Mr. Wilson in his sanctioning hearing that the Democrats are preparing to hold.
Madam Speaker, fellow members, I stand before you today to gladly accept the admonishment that this House has decided to bestow on me. Yes, I did call out during the President's address that he was a liar. I have apologized to the President for breaking decorum, that is not me. But I do not apologize for the sentiment. The President did lie, and he did it with the connivance of many in this august assembly. Yes, it's true, that nowhere did HR3200 actually say that illegal immigrants would reap the benefits of the hardworking families in getting free health care. But what people forget is, that this side of the aisle had proposed an amendment to HR3200 which would have specifically barred them from receiving taxpayer funded health care. But the majority rejected this amendment. Now, I would never call into question the motives of the majority, but it does seem curious that they would so specifically reject the amendment. Perhaps there is more to this story that needs to come out, but we will not know under this Congressional leadership. In some small measure, I wish that my actions would have been referred to the House ethics committee, because I am sure that with the appropriate donations to the right members of that committee, I would of course be exonerated. But this is not about you Madame Speaker, it is about me.
And while it would be easy to point out other instances of breach of decorum by the now majority, that would be pointless and not worthy of this body. If my censure for a breach of decorum is the start of a return to civility no matter which party controls the White House, I will be extremely gratified to accept your admonition.
On the other hand, if this admonition is because I spoke the truth, then I stand here not ashamed, but instead very proud. We need to show the American people that we are willing to speak the truth, because we have misled them for far too long. Censor me for speaking the truth Madame Speaker, but I invite any member of this House who also is willing to speak the truth to join me, here in the well of this house, and let the word go out, that yes, there are people who are willing to speak the truth to those who disrespect it.
Thank you Madame Speaker.

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