Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Apparently, they have managed to capture the heinous criminal, who disregarded the warnings from the TSA cop and went into an area that was reserved for departures. As a direct consequence of those actions, thousands of people had to be rescreened, and many missed their flights. People were forced to stand outside in the cold, denied simple accommodations such as water or bathroom breaks, in order to recover the security that was breached.
Sen. Lautenberg (Dementia, NJ) is very disappointed that the scofflaw should only be punished as a misdemeanant, instead of as a felon. What a strange world we live in, if you consider it all together, that because a Romeo wannabe wanted one last kiss from his girlfriend, we have to inconvenience and disrupt so many people, and the emphasis is put on Romeo, and not the governmental security system that is supposed to be there to protect us.
In reality, the TSA is nothing more than theater. They do nothing to reduce the probability of an incident in the air (Christmas BVD Boomer is but one example) but are supposed to reassure us, the traveling public that our government is looking out for us. As if. The truth is that the government is looking out for itself, and the citizens be damned.
And people wonder why resistance is growing to government interference with our medical care. But I am sure that in the latter case, they will do much better. Now, what is that definition of insanity again?

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