Sunday, January 31, 2010

Theater of the Absurd

Press Secretary Gibbs is attempting to reassure the great unwashed hoi polloi that the accused planner of 9-11 will be convicted and executed. The reason that he needs to reassure us is that people are starting to wonder why on earth we are having these trials in civilian courts and not where they belong; military tribunals. The mantra has always been from the Left that we need to treat them as criminals to demonstrate the superiority of our legal system to their murderous methods. That Gitmo and the military tribunals were simply going to be used as recruiting posters for future jihadis.
I am sure that those same future jihadis will be less likely to carry out on their desire to get the 42 virgins now that they know the plotters will receive a fair trial and then be executed. Unless they are found to be not guilty, in which case we will hold them forever anyway. Yeah, that's fair.
Can't we just admit that this is nothing but show, a tool with which to bludgeon Bush and Republicans rather than any serious moral point?


Craig 1st said...

How is it possible to have a "fair" trial with Obama poisoning the well with Gibb's comments? I thought the point of going to civilian court was to demonstrate to the world our fundamental fairness?

Steve said...

Exactly. At best it's a show trial. At worst, it will result in a dismissal for inability to obtain a fair trial.

Craig 1st said...

At worst, this is intentional to cause a mistrial. I wonder if anyone will go after Obama's bar license if this happens?