Monday, January 18, 2010

Onward, Ever Onward

Into the Valley of Death Rode the 316 (Soon to be one less), looking neither Left, um, okay, looking only Left, they charged ahead, heedless of the cannonades from both sides:

In one way, I admire their persistence, but I think that their courage is owed more to a total lack of understanding of the situation, more than a willful choice. Heroes recognize the danger and act as needs be done. Fools are heedless of the danger and act as they want.


Auntie Lib said...

Holy Sh*t - She's been rode hard and put away wet once too often!!!

Anonymous said...

She reminds me and looks like a retired worker from the Mustang Bridge Ranch, had no customers and became a madam. Needs a makeup person NOW.

Ayn Rand

Linda said...

love the fools comment. right on.