Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And Your Point Would Be . . . ?

A former Justice Department lawyer is saying that the case against the New Black Panther Party was dismissed for political reasons and that the Attorney General lied to Congress.  While this would make Fox News with no problem, does anyone really think that the rest of the so called media would be interested?  Of course not.
One of the things that irk me, is that so many conservatives blame the Lame Stream Media for bias.  Well, they are of course entirely correct, but it doesn't matter.  Those who purport to be the Fourth Estate have zero pride or sense of honor.  Theirs is a mission, and they will not let down their masters as directed by those who run the Journolist.  What the conservatives need to do is to call these people out individually.  With today's technology, it shouldn't be that hard to have a cell phone with all of the local journalist's biased remarks as backup.  Then when challenged by one of these "journalists," point out their past efforts that have demonstrated bias, and ask them why they should be considered seriously for an answer.  A turn the tables strategy that forces them to demonstrate their bona fides.

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