Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Pretty Incredible News

Instapundit had a link to this page in reference to a good cancer news.  While the main article is very interesting, the related articles are also intriguing.  The amount of progress is simply amazing in what can be done to treat the treasonous cells of one's own body.  I am sure that it is not that far off that you will go to the doctor who will tell you that your diagnosis is cancer.  Then she will take a vial of your blood and tell you to come back in three days where they will reintroduce the genetically modified blood back into you to remove the cancer.
Sure would be a heck of a lot better than right now, where it's pretty much all bad news.  And thank goodness for Obamacare's direct support of this kind of research.  Oops, that may be the sort of thing that the budgeteers are going to cut if there aren't immediate results.

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