Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fighting Election Fraud

Democrats are getting very nervous and are starting to cheat. The best way to cheat is to allege voter intimidation in having them prove they are who they say they are. Although the Help America Vote Act actually does require proof of who you are in order to vote. But many people who want to exploit the dead, the elderly or the invalid by using their votes are fighting the requirement to provide proof. They claim that it unfairly burdens the poor who do not have identification.
Okay, then let's do this - Instead of requiring photo ID for those who don't have it, let's take their picture at the polling place with their name prominently displayed. Afterwards, we can go back and verify that they are who they say they are, and if they are not, post their picture in every precinct in the state to show who has committed a felony. And if they are found, sentence them to a minimum of seven years in prison with no parole so that they have to miss a few more elections that they won't be able to defraud.

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