Friday, September 16, 2011


We all know about AttackWatch, the site where you are to report misinformation to the masters in the White House so that they can quickly quell dissent.  I was inspired by the NY Post's BungleWatch, but I think that what we really need is a BotchWatch site where people can  report all the stupid stuff the Government does. ( I just like BotchWatch better than BungleWatch.)  We could even have it broken down to a FedBotchWatch, with subsets of the respective Department's BotchWatch, such as EnergyBotchWatch, AgBotchWatch, etc.  You could throw in a state version as well, like (Insert name of appropriate state here )BotchWatch, and carry it on down to the local levels.
It's probably going to take one heck of a server farm and more bandwidth than Blogger can host to run it, so anyone with the resources should be encouraged to go for it.

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