Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Civility for Thee, But Not For Me

One could be angry, or one could just go ahead and admit that they pulled one over on us. Who? What did they pull over?
The answer is "the Left" at least as far as being considered worthy of consideration. It started with the Holocaust shooter, and everyone said the Right was to blame. Then the guy who flew his Cessna into the IRS building, and once again the Right was to blame. Then we had Loughner deciding to shoot up the Arizona parking lot with Rep. Gabi Giffords in it, almost killing her, and the first call was the Right Wing Rhetoric, and later it was Palin's map with cross hairs on certain legislative districts. Remember them? They were all false. Every last one of them. And the Left doesn't care.
After the Arizona shootings, we had Obama come out and say that we had to raise the level of discourse, and once again we fell for it. But they didn't. Calling people who believe in fiscal responsibility as "terrorists," "barbarians," "teabaggers," people who have to be "taken out." That is the new tone of civility, and that comes from the leadership of the Democrats, never mind the Leftie blogs who go even further in their reprehensible language. But when it happens and the "leadership" refuses to even say that is too much, then you know that we have been scammed.
There is a tactical advantage to playing the rules one way only. Sure, civilized behavior would dictate that it apply to both sides, but the nihilism of the Left means that they don't have to be civilized. In fact, they relish their barbarism. After all, it gives them a juvenile sense of superiority, just like the kid who shot spitwads at the teacher's back in class, they feel they are "standing up to the man." Not that they really are, they're just being jerks, but it makes their immature feelings happy even while it does nothing.
The advantage of being an adult, is that you have already lived through the juvenile stage and moved beyond it. As an adult, we can regress but they can never advance to becoming adult, because it is unknown territory for them. Well, I have a desire to go back and play in the sandbox one more time.
The Left needs to be destroyed. They need to be eliminated from the face of the Earth. They are dangerous traitors who don't even deserve the bullet to the head that is waiting for them. Laws should be passed mandating that they immediately commit suicide, the sick bastards that they are. The Democrat Party needs to be outlawed as a traitorous entity that has no legitimacy, and all Democrat office holders need to be taken out, lined up against the wall and shot for their crimes against humanity.
They are all so stupid, they have been blindly following their orders while working for the destruction of the country that has provided them the tools for them to use against us. No more! Rid the pests, denounce them in the public square. Exterminate them!
Don't tell me to be civil, or that I might hurt their feelings. I don't care, they aren't worthy of the most basic considerations given to dumb animals, who are smarter than they are. But maybe that is too extreme, however pleasurable it might be. Let's just send them to their colonies that they have already established like California, New York, Massachussets and fence them in there. Let them continue their destruction of civilization in their own little fiefdoms, but rid them of having any say over the rest of us. Rant off.


Rob Kailey said...

"The Left needs to be destroyed. They need to be eliminated from the face of the Earth."

Back at you, pal. Are you locked and loaded? You know I am.

Steve said...

Oh Rob, the last time I tried to meet you in person, you ran away. I am sure your popgun will offer you solace at the end of your lousy existence.
Don't hurt yourself now.

Auntie Lib said...

And isn't it about time that we call them out as the racists they are? Voting FOR someone because of the color of his skin is just as disgustingly racist as voting AGAINST someone for that reason.

Anonymous said...

After thinking about this post for some part of this evening, I've actually decided it's the grammar and usage that are most upsetting.

The content can't be real.

Max Bucks said...

Please do not destroy the left. I make most of my money off them!

Yes, they are idiots and totally self-destructive people, but those traits also create a great profit opportunity for any sane person with a few dollars to invest. I mean, really, the left has placed all its hope in a mulatto Kenyan who cannot even balance a checkbook. Could there be any other group easier to fleece?

I need the Rob Kaileys of America and everyone else who thinks like him. Otherwise, I might actually have to work for a living by competing with those cunning capitalists.

Rob Kailey said...

Steve, if you can't take the tongue in cheek for what it is, what could possibly make you think you're any good at dishing it out?

And I don't remember any single time you 'tried to meet me'. Perhaps you could refresh my memory?