Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Glossary for the SOTU

Winston Churchill once said that the American and British peoples were two great nations separated by a common language. In American Politics today, we don't even have a common language anymore. So, in that vein, I present a glossary for understanding the State of the Union Address set for tonight.

– Do it the Democrat’s way. See Obstruction

Dangerous – Used in conjunction with the Tea Party, this means people who don’t want to spend more than we take in.

Dissent – The highest form of patriotism, so long as it is a Republican President. Otherwise see Racism.

Do Nothing Congress
Those members of Congress who are Republicans.

Domestic Energy Program – Stopping the production of energy in this country.

Drastic Cuts – Trying to slow the rate of growth in federal spending to less than twice the rate of inflation.

Ending Medicare As We Know It
– Trying to keep the program solvent, instead of just letting it die on its own in seven years when it goes broke.

Fair share – Tax increases. The notion that paying more than anyone else means you are not paying enough.

Green Economy – See Green Energy.

Green Energy – A system whereby tax dollars are funded to campaign donors. Also known as payback.

Jobs Program – Taking money from one group (tax payers) to give to another (unions) to be given to a still third party (Democrats).

Keystone Pipeline – A twofer, it gives oil to China while using Warren Buffet’s Burlington Northern, and at the same time raises the price of gas at home.

Millions of Jobs Saved or Created
– A totally made up number that has no relationship to anyone who is out of a job.

Obstruction – Not doing it the Democrat’s way. See Bipartisanship.

Racism – Any complaint about this President’s policies.

Radical Right – Although it appears to be an adjective, in this case it is really an empty fill word.

Republicans Want to Pollute the Air and Poison the Water – A tool to stop all economic activity.

Smart Foreign Policy – Surrender.


MikeH said...

Unfortunately, the definitions precisely depict politics in the United States now. One would have to say we're living in a politically charged world.
And to close, someone must have had a lot of free time on his hands today to write this!

Steve said...


Dapandico said...

The GOP obstructs while the Dimocrats in the Indiana State Legislature boycott.

Drill Baby Drill said...

Great stuff- thanks