Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Watching the SOTU

Having been distracted by the Republican race, I had almost forgotten about Obama but tonight reinforced my feelings about the man. I am beginning to loathe him.
Not to the level of Bush hatred that my friends on the Left have nurtured for the last 12 years, but just a general disgust with everything about him. But that's okay, I figure that this is his last SOTU.
My prediction is that Obama's approval ratings will continue to slide toward Jimmy Carter levels the more he campaigns. In fact, I think the only way that Obama can be re-elected is to have the DNC kidnap him and keep him sequestered until after the first Tuesday in November.
Whoever the Republicans nominate, I know that they will be a significant improvement (sure, it's a low standard) and will help to restore sanity to this country.

Herman Cain - Why did you leave??!!!!!

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