Friday, January 20, 2012

The Newt Question

Last night on CNN, John King attempted to moderate the Republican debate and instead made an absolute fool of himself. Opening the lead question with the allegations of Newt's ex-wife was so tempting that he couldn't help himself, and he walked right into a buzzsaw. Newt tore him up for his hypocrisy for even asking the question, but even Newt didn't go far enough.
If King really thought it was important to ask that question which is just a veiled character attack, why didn't he or anyone else for that matter ask Obama about the supposed cocaine fueled gay orgies? After all, they bear the same level of proof - an uncorroborated statement made by someone with an agenda.
The best thing about Newt at the moment, is that he is willing and able to make the idiots who claim to be speaking truth to power shown instead to be unthinking hacks.
And the crowd goes wild.


MikeH said...

It's funny that no one in the MSM asked of Newt's second wife why she was so upset with his actions since she was purported to be sleeping with him while he was married to his first wife. And then John King enters stage left without a clue as to how his opening question will be answered. A little homework should have told him not to feed "red meat" to the former Speaker. And Newt hit the "dumbass" question out of the ballpark and took South Carolina by storm. This is going to be an interesting primary season for the GOP.

Drill Baby Drill said...

Newt has some good things going for him in that he is not afraid to take on the media and is an excellent debater and speaker--it definitely isn't over yet