Friday, October 26, 2012

How Long Do We Wait?

The Benghazi debacle is getting worse and worse.  From Obama denying that it was an Al Qaida attack for nearly two weeks, the arrest of some dope of a film maker as justification for the attack we now learn that the four Americans died while nothing was done.  Initially, I was thinking that it would have been difficult to move assets to support the consulate based on the distances.  Then I learned that there are AC-130s less than five hundred miles away that could have been sent.  These are just the type of plane that you would want in an urban environment.  They have the ability to deny use by area or to pinpoint attack a position.  And yet they were never sent.

While Panetta says that it's unwise to send forces into a situation when you don't know what is going on is correct, that doesn't mean you don't have options.  Why not at least launch one or two of the Spookys to give an option to the President.  Instead they were told not to go. 


The man who made the "courageous decision" to kill bin Laden couldn't make up his mind to save Americans?  That the President went to bed while our consulate was under attack because he had a busy day fund raising scheduled?  I am so looking forward to the end of this misery.


MikeH said...

It will end on the 6th. And then the looting of the White House will take place prior to the new occupant moving in.
History repeats itself.

Tom Balek said...

Never thought of that Mike, but I bet you are right.

Steve said...

Are they going to pull all of the "r"s off the keyboards this time?