Monday, October 08, 2012

Mr. President, You Are Just Wrong.

Post debate, the Left is spinning that everything that Romney said was a lie.  It was only a lie if you believed the lies of Obama.  Trying to claim that the recovery was doomed because of the worst financial crisis ever and the "mess he inherited" is just plain wrong.  The problem is that it is a counterfactual that can't be disproved since we can't run a similar set of circumstances and try something else.  But the claims that all this mess is the result of Bush's policies are absolutely untrue. 

Check out this chart:

Mr. President, you can have your own house and your own plane, but the only people believing your BS were voting for you anyway.  The rest of us are highly annoyed at your lack of contact with reality.

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Tom Balek - Rockin On the Right Side said...

It has become clear that liberals are not going to admit their failure. They will stubbornly regurgitate their disproven beliefs and cling to their failed policies to the death - ours and theirs.

I no longer believe that they are all kool-aid drinkers. I now think a lot of them know they are failures and are just bullheaded sore losers.