Monday, November 28, 2005

It's not 1969, and it's not Viet Nam

There are some interesting points here from Instapundit. My favorite is that this is the "reverse Viet Nam." The military is not sugarcoating things, but is instead giving the unvarnished truth. The problem with that is that it is taken out of context for political purposes.
I have said before, that Iraq is not the same as Viet Nam for a multitude of reasons. Those who argue that Iraq is Viet Nam are either arguing from a point of strategic ignorance or from a political standpoint that wants to reinforce a sense of self defeat.
Just saying that Iraq is Viet Nam all over again is not enough. Show me the strategic similarities, the objective information that supports the argument. I would refer you to my argument here as a starting point. Feel free to point out any errors I made.
The only similarity between 1969 and Viet Nam with today and Iraq, is that there is a certain amount of narcism that comes from those who seek the downfall of their own government, even if it means harm to their own nation.

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