Monday, November 21, 2005

On how to lose the war

Ralph Peters is a much better writer than I am, but his cogent analysis is one that I agree with and explains better what I have been trying to say here for the last few days.
It is perhaps unfair to some Democrats, since I do not think that they are all seeking political advantage at the expense of our foriegn policy. Some may be sincere pacifists who abhor all violence. My problem with pacifism, is that if your enemy lacks a shred of morality, your only option is to surrender and suffer the consequences. I do not find that approach acceptable.
However, there do seem to be too many that I perceive to only be seeking political advantage domestically, while conceding it in foreign policy. Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe it really is principled opposition. It sure doesn't look that way though.
I guess to show that their opposition is not just for short term advantage, I wold wish that someone would give me their analysis as to what the future would be like in the Middle East if we did withdraw. Peters already has above, I wold like one just as clear from the opponents side.

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