Monday, November 28, 2005

Lying Liars

Ever since the New York Times put their columnists behind a pay to read barrier, I have not actually gotten to their opinions. However, the Sun does a heck of a job of discrediting Mr. Rich of the NYT as he attempts to discredit Bush.
It kind of reminded my of yesterday's Sunday news shows where Sen. Levin was saying that Bush said something that wasn't true, and the host showed the film clip of what Levin was talking about and Bush never said what Levin claimed. When confronted, Levin insisted that it was true, even though he had just been shown that it was false.
The willingness to believe Bush lied has overridden even plain evidence, but Bush still needs to worry because their lies are still having a certain effect as shown by opinion polls.
Sad state of affairs, where one group while lying can accuse another of lying, and have it stick.

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