Friday, December 09, 2005

Another report from Iraq

Good analysis from someone who is recently back. Why is it that we never hear more of these stories? Are they so unique that they don't merit investigation and widespread reporting, or are they contrary to a message that one party wants to get out, even if it is not the truth?
It is difficult during war for any democracy, but ours is one of the strongest, and we have been able to deal with dissent. The problem with dissent though can be shown by a simple syllogism:
1. Dissent is patriotic.
2. Dissent aids our enemy by giving him comfort and the hope that we will leave defeated.
3. Therefore, giving our enemy hope of our eventual defeat is patriotic.

Hmmm, something just doesn't seem right here.

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XB234C said...

I've always believed that the defeatist rhetoric coming from the left does more to embolden our enemy than undermine troop morale. Maybe I'm wrong.Either way, the enemy closely monitors the debate and they have got to be loving what they are hearing from the democrats.Am I implying they shut up? No. The optimistic part of me thinks the defeatist rhetoric coming from democrats will do more to turn the American people against democrats than endanger our troops in their struggle with the terrorists.That may already be happening to a lesser degree.