Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Where is the 80% poll?

It has often been cited that 80% of the Iraqis want us out of Iraq. I myself have heard it enouogh that I didn't disbelieve it. But just for grins, I started to do a search for the poll. After all, if 80% of the Iraqis want us out, does that mean immediately, or after security is re-established. These are two different answers, at least as far as applied to us and our presence in Iraq.
Unfortunately, I have come to believe that the 80% number may be another of those urban legends, unsupported by fact. I did find the poll above that is from last Spring, but even that could be outdated, and the answer about whether we should leave immediately seems to be answered in the negative.
Was I fooled again? Anyone got a cite to the actual poll?


XB234C said...

A lot of it is probably Howard Dean. Anything he says is considered a holy nugget by the Daily Kos/Bush is Hitler crowd. I want our troops out of there when the job is done, so there are many ways to skew the question to get the much vaunted 80% that is bandied about.

XB234C said...

I would like to apoligize for my previous post. I started to address what you has said and then wandered off on a slightly different topic. I hadn't any coffee yet.

Steve said...

Coffee, the second proof that God loves us.