Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Coming Deluge

Arnold Kling has an excellent piece on what is going to happen when we have a Democratic President combined with a Democratic Congress. As he points out, the Democrats will not really be able to offer "Middle Class Tax Relief" because the money just ain't there.
Kling posits that the only remedy for them is going to be over regulation of all aspects of public life. Some bureaucrat is going to be able to decide what services you will be able to get, what products you can buy, what jobs you can have, in short, he will decide for you how to live your life. Mainly because you can't be trusted to make the right decisions. The sad thing is, that I think that there are enough underdeveloped adults who will be willing to sign on to being told what to do.
When I was in Europe the first time, I got to go to East Berlin, Socialism's showcase window on the world. I can see that we will be soon going down that road to end up where the East Germans were in the early '80s. The worker's paradise was never what it was promoted to be. Why we in the West are so interested in repeating a failed experiment is either a product of hubris (we know how to do it right) or stupidity. Neither of which is particularly appealing to me.

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Anonymous said...

This is weird - why, all of a sudden, now that we are talking about middle class tax cuts, are you suddenly worried about the money being there/ Did that ever stop Bush?