Saturday, February 09, 2008

Contemptible Congress

This Wall Street Journal article details the typical running roughshod of innocent people who suffer from being of the wrong party while serving in government. It ties in with a report that I heard on PBS's News Hour (Which I still think of as McNeil Lehrer) where Waxman is going after Dr. Michael Jarvik for pimping a cholesterol drug. According to Waxman, Jarvik is practicing medicine without a license by prescribing the drug. I am sure that I can run down to the local pharmacy with a video copy of the commercial and get my prescription filled.
But Waxman's real anger is directed at the fact that the commercial shows Jarvik rowing a boat, and Jarvik only did this for the commercial. Quelle horreur! It is just this sort of attention to inanities, and it is not specific to Democrats (Spectre's calling for an investigation of the Patriots intercepting signals for one) which leads to the lowest opinion of Congress ever.
I have always thought that if I was called before Congress, I would have to decline on the grounds of the Vth Amendment. For anything I would say would be contemptible of the less than august body of blowhards. And there would be no defense.
"Yes I hold you idiots in contempt!"
Hire the Handicapped: Elect someone to Congress.


The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

Waxman always has his sizable nostrils up someone's tailpipe looking for something, the Jarvik incident is no surprise, especially if Jarvik has republican ties or leanings. Spector's little "what did Goodell know and when did he know it" soundbite the other day sent me onto a postseason screaming fit...what an asshole..

Anonymous said...

The first thing you must keep in mind is that the Democrats—of which Arlen Specter is actually one—are not in power. They only have slim majorities in both houses, and any important legislation they might manage to pass (important to them) is always subject to an embarrassing and ego-crushing presidential veto. So the Democrats must look like they are in power by pretending to be busy working on something important.

Second, the masses, to which the Democrats play, are not capable of comprehending anything complex or substantive, such as new regulations governing the criteria used by credit-rating agencies and their relationship to the bond issuers whom they rate. Rather, the Democrats must concentrate on fabricating issues that they can be inflate to “great importance” but that are also easily understood by the simpleminded, i.e., their base.