Thursday, March 27, 2008

Arrogance defined

Al Gore is at it again. He says that
"those who still doubt that global warming is caused by man - among them, Vice President Dick Cheney - are acting like the fringe groups who think the 1969 moon landing never really happened, or who once believed the world is flat."
His arrogance is worthy of those in Galileo's opposition, rather than those who dispute the "consensus" idea as being evidence of a scientific fact.
It is easy to explain if you consider that the 1969 moon landing has occurred. That means that you can either prove it happened, or it did not happen. Global catastrophe as Gore is peddling is a prediction. Predictions are not yet proof. You can say that you have indications that support the prediction, but that still doesn't mean that it is going to happen.
But it is indicative of the weakness of his argument that he resorts to ad hominen attacks. Hey, when all else fails, call the other side stupid. You won't be right, but it will put them on the defense.


Anonymous said...

Is this post not an ad hominem?

Steve said...

Could you please explain how else to reply to it? The issue is not the beliefs of Al Gore, but his need to denigrate anyone else who doesn't accept his version of the "truth."

The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

Reverend Jeremiah Gore from the pulpit..

Anonymous said...

The moment you decided he was the issue and decided that was how you were going to address the climate change problem, you were reduced to ad hominem.

Steve said...

Mark -- you are starting to sound like Wulfgar. I am not addressing "the climate change problem." I am addressing Gore's comments, specifically his derogatory comments. By addressing the comments, I am not saying that he is a poopy head or whatever you consider to be ad hominen. I am just saying that he is wrong.