Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hats are Flying

Well, it's that silly time of the year, when an old man's fancy turns to saying "What the Heck" and submits his name to be a candidate for public office.

Yes, it's true, I am running for House District 96, to try and protect the fundamental values as enshrined in the Montana and US Constitutions. My basic campaign last time was that I would leave everyone alone, and somehow, some people still voted for me. We'll see how it goes this time. Last time, Carol of Missoulaopolis was my opponent in the primary and she trounced me. Of course, she worked for it. I was hoping that she was going to run for this district again, but rumor has it that she may be going for bigger game. Good Luck Carol.

This time, I think that my campaign should be - "First do no harm." We have too many eager busy bodies who are out there trying to tell us Montanans what to do, think or say. I plan to stand astride the bulwark of this sort of nonsense.

Wish me luck, or if not, send a campaign contribution.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Steve!

Better you than me.

Anonymous said...

Didn't ya try that online filing thingy? It's pretty slick.


Steve said...

Yeah I did. The only problem is that I need another copy for the county elections clerk, and the one I printed didn't seem to fit their requirements.

and by the way Carol - You Go Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I especially like that part of Montana's constitution that says we have the right to a clean and healthy environment. Get to defending that document!