Monday, July 28, 2008

Admitting Mistakes

Okay, not my own yet. I'm still not done with all of them, and it will take up too much bandwidth to do that. But I am remembering all of the hullbaloo from the sages of the MSM, who couldn't believe that Bush refused to admit that he had ever made a mistake. David Gregory certainly comes to mind.
But what is truly funny is Barak Obama, who says that we don't need any leaders who can't admit that they made a mistake. This from a guy who seems to be attempting to beat George Bush for being error prone when it comes to speaking.

So, now we have this:

Maybe Obama is running for Bush's Fourth term.

Thank heavens we won't have a politician who is unable to admit that he has made a mistake.


Anonymous said...

How many Iraqis killed, tortured or disappeared by Americans in July 2007 versus July 2008?

Oh, right. I forgot. You don't give a shit about them.

Steve said...

How many are there Mark? Do you have any reliable/responsible source who doesn't have an agenda?

No, I didn't think so.

Andy B. Hammond said...

Prove it Mark. You can't cause it's all BS.