Thursday, July 24, 2008

For All You Culture Vultures

Jim Geraghty has an interesting post at the Campaign Spot, in which he realizes that he was confusing Obama's speech with that celebrity riddled ego driven project that never really accomplished anything but the song We are the World."
From the post, he has a pop quiz. See if you can determine which are from Obama, and which lyrics are from the song.

Pop quiz, hot shot. Pick out the "We Are The World" lyrics vs. Obama speech lines.

A: "We can't go on pretending day by day that someone, somewhere will soon make a change."

B: "This is the moment we must help answer the call."

C: "But if you just believe there's no way we can fall."

D. "The world will watch and remember what we do."

E. "Let us realize that a change can only come when we stand together as one."

F. "We cannot afford to be divided."

G. "These now are the walls we must tear down."

H. "This is the moment when we must come together."

I. "They'll know that someone cares, and their lives will be stronger and free."


We Are the World: A, C, E, I.
Obama's Speech: B, D, F, G, H.

Barak Obama, using 80's lyrics to rule the world. I just pray he doesn't discover ABBA.

UPDATE: If he did adopt ABBA, with his "change" mantra would this replace "Hail to the Chief?"


Unknown said...

I got a better pop quiz for you,

One campaign has released ads insinuating that talking to enemy states is bad, traitorous, just bad, and the opponent thinks we should. The President of the United States has since started talks with the enemy state. Who was right?

Supposedly, we shouldn't have any limits on our involvement in Iraq. The President of Iraq thinks we should. One Candidate supports such a ... horizon ... and has been endorsed in his opinion by the President of Iraq. The President of the United States has taken steps to follow that candidate's measured response. Name the candidate.

One candidate has been advocating for a year that we pull troops out of Iraq and attack our enemies in Afghanistan. The generals on the ground are now agreeing. Is that the Republicant candidate?

Steve, you might as well cinch your belt and get used to the pain, 'cause you know that in a little over 3 months I am going to come back over here and rub your nose in the epic fail that is your bid for the State House, and your endorsement of the Gelding McCant. I am so gonna laugh at you. And many others will as well. They just won't be as obnoxious about it as I. Doesn't mean that they won't be laughing ...

Steve said...

I am sure that I can count on you being obnoxious. Of course, that is the only thing that you can be counted on for.
Thoughtful, intelligent, well reasoned, articulate? No.
But obnoxious? Always and uselessly forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like ABBA. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wulfgar shouldn't say things like that. McCain might win - he's got Bush on his side, which means a possible October surprise, and he's got the election fraud machine working for him, which can possibly shift as much as three percent of the vote (a 6 point swing) to McCain. Maybe more.

President Snide McNastypants.

Steve said...

It must be exhausting trying to keep all the cabals and conspiracies in order Mark.

Anonymous said...

The election fraud one is right out there in the open. Not hard to see at all, but the human mind is a complicated beast. 'Reality' is governed by ideology.

Anonymous said...

BTW, turning away from a body of evidence, refusing to examine it, calling it a "conspiracy theory" is both a rhetorical device and a sign of small-mindedness. There's very strong evidence since 1998 that our elections are not being accurately tallied. E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.

Steve said...

Elections being manipulated is the construct of an angry mind that cannot accept that the voters elected your opponent. Except for Chicago or Butte maybe.
And let's face it the Democrats are not at all interested in clean elections. The ability to register and vote the denizens of the many cemeteries in this country have provided a large number of Democratic victories.
I am still waiting for examples of Yuppies pouring off the bus to rush in and demand their right to vote with last minute registration then rolling to another polling place.
Just like in Wisconsin in 2000.
Or how about Florida, the state the Dems all claim was stolen? How was it that the party that wanted to make every vote count, didn't want military votes to count?
I could go on, but I think that you would have to admit that I am right.
Even if you don't want to.