Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interesting Info

Rasmussen has its poll out showing that Obama would absolutely trounce George W. Bush in an election by 20 points, 54% to 34%. Too bad Bush is constitutionally prevented from running again, although there are those fetishists on the Left who really do seem to want to keep him around to continue blaming all manner of ills on him.
The problem for Obama is that when he has to face McCain, his numbers are nowhere nearly as sweet - 47% to 45%. Throw in the Wilder effect, and this is not good for the transcending politician of our times. The interesting thing about these numbers seems to suggest that the line that McCain is Bush's third term is not resonating. In fact, McCain appears to be doing better among non-identified voters than Obama, which I find really interesting.
The one big caution for McCain is that when I am talking to people on the doors, some are asking me if I have any McCain signs to put out. His lack of interest in people willing to support him could be the key to an Obama victory.

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