Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One of the reasons that Gas is going to $5 per gallon

You got to love the zealots. Conservationists are trying to shut down drilling for oil in Montana because of the beloved sage grouse. They want to extend the ban against drilling by 8 times from the present restrictions, just to see if it will help, since they don't know yet if it will.
Democrats have always portrayed themselves as the defender of the working class. Examples such as this, and the refusal to expand drilling in other locations shows that they are content to keep poor people from having the luxury of driving to work. Nor are they interested in those workers who would do the drilling, or build the refinery, or transport the oil so that others could partake. No, they are far more interested in seeing the working class lose their jobs and their money to foreign oil producers, just to keep the moneyed contributors of the environmental movement happy.

I bet if the working class had more money to contribute than the environmentalists, you would see more attention paid to their issues.

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Just curious - did you actually pass the bar exam?