Sunday, October 16, 2005

Iraqi vote

I started looking for coverage of the Iraqi vote starting Friday night, and after the football games. There was really very little about what is one of the most historic actions in the Middle East. Perhaps if there had been more car bombs or beheadings, then it would have warranted more coverage.
In a country that just three years ago had a policy to reward children who rat out their parents for less than patriotic feelings, it is incredible that a people who had been so successfully cowed for so long, are actually taking part in deciding their country's future.
I will admit, that there was a period of time lately, when I was beginning to wonder if we would actually see this through. I lnow that Bush's popularity drops will cause many politicians to reconsider what we are doing there, but I also believe that Bush is more likely to stick it through to the end.
If almost 2000 deaths are to mean anything, we need to finish the job.
God bless the Iraqi people.

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The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

66% voter turnout! It's a failure!!
My perception whilst channel surfing during commercial breaks in vital NFL action was as follows:
"If it passes it will be a failure because Iraq will be divided, if it fails it will be a failure because Iraq will be divided."
All that was discussed was how horrible the consequences could be if the Sunnis were left out of the process and I'm thinking "But they weren't".Good grief!
They got to vote for Christ's sake!
That that is a success in and of itself is lost on most people.